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About Komotini

The city of Komotini is located at the Northern-East part of Greece and it is the capital of the Prefecture of Rodopi. It is a multicultural city, the population of which is extremely multilingual for its size. More of 10.000 students reside and study in it to the Departments of Greek Language,Literature and Civilization of the Black Sea, Economics, History & Ethnology, Social Administration, Law, Greek Literature and Physical Education & Sports Science. Each year during 7 to 15 of May the city of Komotini celebrates its “Liberation” from Turkey. It is worth mentioning the fact that Komotini thanks to its architectural design and infrastructure is a pioneer at the needs for disabled citizens.

The most representative element of Komotini is the co-existence of the Christians and the Muslims, which gives a unique ambiance in the city. Some of the landmarks of the city are the Ruins of the Byzantine settlement, the Memorial of the World War II known as the “sword” from the very -15 meters- sculpture made of marble, Eski Cami, Yeni Cami, the Clock Tower and the Old Courthouse built during the Ottoman Period. There is also a plethora of Museums such as the Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Byzantine Museum and many others located in different parts of the city. The suburban grove (only 5 kilometers away from Komotini and near to Fanari) is worth visiting especially for the tourists all year round.

Τhe fact that Komotini is a crossroad between East and West affected the local cuisine, which consists of an interesting mix of culinary traditions of Thrace, Eastern Rumelia, Cappadocia, Pontus Turkey, Armenia and Roma. Famous dishes of the region are the tzigerosarmas, kavourmas, tas-kebab, tanosour from Pontus, manti and striftopites (a kind of pies). Moreover, famous sweets of the region are soutzouk loukoum, saragli, Khanum patties with cream, kantaifi, kazan dipi, tahini and halva. Finally, widespread local products of Komotini are the kavourmas, the pastrami, the chick-peas, blue crab, smoked mullet salted, and of course the traditional raki and wine.

Given the large number of students, Komotini offers many chances to young people to spend their time in quality. Indicatively there are the cultural association “New Community”, the theater group “Shades”, the local branch of Amnesty International and the Greek Mountaineering Association of Komotini. In addition, Komotini is known for its entertainment opportunities provided to the youth. In the central square of Komotini, the “Square of Peace” one can encounter dozens of cafes, alternative music venues, taverns and bars that keep awake the city until the early hours. Komotini, which is classified in one of the most «vibrant» student town in Greece justifies the phrase which wants students of University to “cry twice”, once when they arrive and once they leave the city after the end of their studies.




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About Xanthi

The Prefecture of Xanthi is a unique destination in Northern Greece. The combination of a splendid natural environment and tradition nestling in every corner of this land guarantees unforgettable moments. The narrow streets of the Old Town are decorated by gorgeous mansions, whose architectural style is a combination of local and ottoman architecture as well as the Greek Neoclassicism architectural style.

In March,the second biggest Carnival Festival in Greece -the Carnival of Xanthi and the Big Parade- are held standing out for their focus on the traditions and folklore of the region through a modern approach.They include a number of cultural events such as disguising in costumes, music and dance along with many traditional events,attracting people of all ages.

Also, in the center of the city the Campus of the Polytechnic School of Democritus University of Thrace is located where you can find many departments such as the Department of Environmental Engineering.


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