ELSA Greece

Seminars & Conferences

Seminars & Conferences' sector includes:

  • conferences and seminars (in both national and international level),
  • Summer Schools,
  • visits to International Organizations,
  • educational visits between local branches of ELSA at various law schools, from different countries (know as Study Visits),
  • Delegations to the UN bodies and the European Union

Specifically, by organising Seminars & Conferences we aim to broaden and enrich the legal knowledge of the participants and give an insight on many crucial legal issues..

By visiting international, national and local organisations and companies, we help our members get closer to the every day life of a lawyer..

One of the most significant opportunities that the S&C sector is offering to our members is the participation to several Winter & Summer Law Schools, through which, they enrich their legal knowledge, while at the same time helps them operate other European legal systems, , which are in most cases, placed in a comparative analysis..