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Legal Research Group on Migration Law

The Legal Research Group (Legal Research Group) in the field of Immigration Law (Migration Law) carried out in cooperation between ELSA and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe – PACE). H conducting research will be based on a set of questions that are configured to affect key issues and current problem arising in the field of Immigration Law . These questions will be discussed at the 43 national associations of the international network which will be invited to conduct similar research in their national legal systems.

The project is expected to be completed in October 2017 and will follow his presentation before the Parliamentary Assembly.

Groups Legal Research in ELSA

A legal research group consists of young lawyers and law students, They are asked to conduct a survey of a defined topic with legal interest in order to publish their conclusions. The Legal Research was one of the main objectives of ELSA from the first years of its creation. Already in 1980 when ELSA was established as an organization for European cooperation among law students, who exchanged experiences and knowledge, this was the main purpose of the organization. Legal Research Groups are created either in a local level, or national, and international level. However, participation in a Legal Research Group of ELSA International is a unique experience for researchers, as they have the opportunity to participate in the drafting of a major academic research internationally, issued in cooperation with the Council of Europe. National groups are invited to examine the legal issue in their national legislation and to present it in a text. Then, edited by ELSA International, all national surveys for the issue are composed and presented as a final result!.


For more information in English click the following legalresearch.elsa.org.

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