ELSA Greece

Moot Court Competitions

A very big and important sector of ELSA since its birth, are Moot Court Competitions.. There is no doubt that a simulation of a court during the studies is an experience that helps students get a lot of skills for their future work life..
The two International MCCs of ELSA, ELSA Moot Court Competition (EMC2) and the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition, are internationally famous and Greek teams have a great success in them the last few years!.

ELSA Moot Court Competition (EMC²): Το EMC2 είναι μια προσομοίωση ακρόασης του συστήματος επίλυσης διαφορών του Παγκοσμίου Οργανισμού Εμπορίου. The groups prepare and analyze a fictitious case and present their arguments for both the plaintiff and the defendant in front of a panel composed of experts from the World Trade Organization and commercial law.

The records of the teams for the 15th edition of the ELSA Moot Court Competition started.

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