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About FAB

Forum has always been a term indicating the exchange of views and interactive dialogue. Forum on Arbitration and Business constitutes a pioneering conference that intends to disseminate knowledge, expertise and innovative ideas regarding salient issues in the scientific fields of Arbitration and Business. The tremendous impetus both academic directions acquired over the years renders research and policy evolvements pivotal for the progress of new conclusions to be drawn.

Participants will have the unprecedented opportunity to go over two committees of cardinal significance for the commercial life globally, whilst being vigorous participants of the forefront. The Arbitration and the Business Committees welcome participants from different areas of interest to take part in the Forum on Arbitration & Business edifice contributing multi-dimensionally in fertile debates. The Arbitration committee will deal with the basic principles of Investment Arbitration, through examining the decision of the Arbitration Tribunal in the Sharanne case. Participants of this committee will have the opportunity to deal with the context of the final decision and the dissenting opinion, and discuss on how basic provisions for the investment arbitration procedure shall be interpreted and implemented. The Business committee will observe one of the most current issues in the international trade relations, the Free Trade Agreements. Starting from the key elements of these agreements, participants will further discuss upon the future of two important agreements in the context of EU trade policy: CETA (Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement ) and TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).

In both committees discussants are called to be well prepared to share their views and come up with shared conclusions on specific aspects of the topics. Key findings of the Committees’ work will be the material of the final publication of the Forum which will be compiled in cooperation with the academic team. Any participants who is interested in publishing a piece of their own, can enrich the work of the Committee with a separate paper aiming to support its findings or provide a justified opposing opinion.

Forum on Arbitration & Business intends to create a stage for public debate welcoming initiatives by young scientists and interdisciplinary approaches in order to confront imminent struggles globally.

But how did it all get started?

The Forum on Arbitration and Business was organized for the first time by ELSA Greece, in 2016 (19-23 May 2016) in the beautiful island of Zante. The creation of such Forum was an inspiration of Tasos Kalergis and Rafaella Tsertsides, Head Organizer and President of the Executive Board of last year’s Forum on Arbitration and Business respectively.

It consisted of two committees: the ADR Committee and the Entrepreneurship Committee. The former addressed the firing issue of International Commercial Arbitration and Mediation, while the latter (which was held in Greek) dealt with the Greek Legal Framework of Entrepreneurship, Development and Investments.

The Forum was supported by the International Hellenic University of Thessaloniki. Apart from the heated conversations that took place in the Committees, approximately 40 participants had the chance to enjoy a rich program of social events and cultural activities of great interest.

Last year’s Conference was a great start for the Forum on Arbitration and Business. We are sure that this year’s will meet the high standards that were met by last year’s organizing committee.

We are looking forward to meeting you all!