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STEP (Student Trainee Exchange Programme)


14407660_10210587266734744_1199656693_nI really enjoyed my time in Athens. I made a lot of great experiences, made new friends and learned a lot, not just about law!
I would definitely do it again and I would not want to miss this experience to be a STEPper again!
Jule Beck, ELSA Tübingen (STEPper at the Tax Law Department of Potamitis Vekris law firm in Athens)

«My STEP experience took place in one of Europe’s -or should I say Asia’s- most beautiful cities; you see Istanbul has always had the privilege to confuse us with such dilemmas being a city of contrasts apostolakoudisand compositions. More specifically, I had been working as an intern for one month at the “Ozulku Attorneys in Law” office, handling cases of Trade and Private International Law. Not only did I have the chance to test my theoretical legal knowledge in practice but also to strengthen my language skills and meet the challenge of working in a highly international atmosphere and environment. So, my suggestion to every Law student is to give STEP a try and realize on his/ her own the really big opportunity this programme offers to all ELSA members to explore their potential and the world!»

Thanasis Apostolakoudis was a trainee at “Ozulku Attorneys in Law” office in Instanbul (Turkey)



«I received an incredible amount of knowledge in Greek, German and European law, improved my communication skills in meetings with clients and of course practiced foreign languages. «ONE STEP CAN CHANGE THE WORLD», now I can say that one STEP has changed me, because when you after lunch analyze the case, and already in the evening fly to the islands, or after holidays, along with the work questions discuss with colleagues the climbing to Olympus, it is impossible to stay the same.»

Tetiana ​Grudinina was a trainee at «Kosmidis & Partners» Law Firm in Thessaloniki (Greece)

Everything started στεφουδιwhen I applied for a STEP position in Tilburg at the «Wolf Legal Publishers», entitled SpaceLawProject.

I saw how it is to work in an environment different from what I was used to, and how it feels in general to work abroad. So far, I have contributed to research on a series of publications in Space law and I have edited the series «United Nations and the Protection of the Rights of Women».

It would not be enough to say that I am extremely pleased. I certainly owe a big thank you to ELSA for this opportunity. “

Dimitra Stefoudiwas a trainee atWolf Legal Publishersin Tilburg (Netherlands)



» Reminiscing the time when I applied for a STEP position back in 2008, I see myself as the young law student and fresh ELSA member that I was, with little if not none working experience. After the announcement of the results I was told I was the first to have gotten so far from our local group at least. With mixed feelings I soon moved to Graz in Austria for a month to work beside a lawyer for the Government of Styria. The member of the local group there not only helped me find an accommodation but also received me at the airport and continued offering me advice and help throughout my whole stay in their city. The working conditions were excellent, the office where I was placed welcomed me as a team member and I was given the chance to acquire a more practical approach on topics, which I till then found interesting only on a theoretical level. I made good friends and leisure trips in the vicinity. I came back having gained a lot more than I had expected and I knew I had to speak out and promote STEP to my local group as well as promote ELSA to my fellow students and my university. «

Helene Melliou was a trainee beside a lawyer for the Government of Styria in Graz (Austria)


Photo_Eleftheria Chanialaki«It is my firm belief that STEP traineeships are not only an excellent opportunity to acquire practical legal experience abroad but also a way of coming into contact with the culture of a foreign country! My traineeship at the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic was a lifetime experience with invaluable memories and life-long friendships! I worked at the international department of the Court and I conducted legal research on the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). I also became familiar with the Czech national law and especially with the constitution and the charter of fundamental rights and basic freedoms. The work environment in my office was ideal and the hosting group of ELSA Brno was amazing, giving me any kind of assistance before and during my traineeship. For the above reasons, I strongly recommend the participation in the “STEP” programme of ELSA to every law student, law graduate and young lawyer!»

Eleftheria Chanialaki was a trainee at the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic

which is located in Brno. A full text regarding her traineeship is available at the

following link: www.elsa.cz/home/step/incomingtrainees/

testimonials/ .




» My STEP traineeship at the Centre of International and European Economic Law (CIEEL) in Thessaloniki (Greece) has been a wonderful and unique experience: both professional and personal.

It led me through the discovery and knowledge of a country where I had never been before, allowing me to learn a different work style but also to explore an entire nation with its typical customs and traditions.

In this way I managed to get deeply in touch with the lifestyle and habits of the Greeks, which gave me a huge contribution in terms of personal growth. «

Matteo Bottero was a trainee at the Centre of International and European Economic Law (CIEEL) in Thessaloniki (Greece)


Maria Pylarinou Foto

» Working at a leading commercial law firm in Germany was honestly an amazing experience.

It was really fascinating to work in an international environment and cooperate with lawyers and trainees with a different legal background.

Moreover, it is worth to mention that Germans are very warm towards internationals and, with regard to their work, they are also very punctual and diligent· they are professionals. «

Maria Pylarinou was a trainee at Göhmann Rechtsanwälte Abogados Advokat Steuerberater partnerschaft in Hannover (Germany)


» It was the most amazing summer month of my life!Stefania

Poroy & Özülkü, Attorneys At Law, has remarkable attorneys specialised mostly in commercial and trade law. The opportunity that was given changed my life and made me realise how important practise is before you even get your bachelor degree!

The traineeships offered by ELSA are the »step» you’ve been waiting for; they are the »step» to a successful future career. «

Stephania Efstathiou was a trainee at Poroy & Özülkü , Attorneys in Law in Istanbul (Turkey)



» I guess mine wasn’t exactly the typical STEP experience, but, at the end of the day, who wants a predictable life at 23?

It was June 2012 when I started my traineeship in Bağatur law office in Istanbul. Two years later, I am still here, working in my office right in front of the Bosporus.

Bottom line- you can never know where your «step» will take you- unless you give it a try! «

Εvita Aravantinou was a trainee at Bağatur law office in Istanbul (Turkey)

Photo_Michal Hruncak» Traineeship in Hellenic Mediation and Arbitration Centre was really precious and unforgettable experience. It helped me to expand my knowledge of Alternative Dispute Resolution systems, especially about basic nature and rules applying in mediation proceedings. Working environment was friendly and all the staff in the office was helpful as well as ELSA members. Personally, it was very interesting for me to discuss almost every day various legal topics and compare it with legal practice in my country. Apart from that, I literally enjoy the beauty and unique history of the city likewise valuable Greek culture, food and national customs. I must say that during my stay I have met so many nice people and I am so happy I have had a chance to be a trainee within the STEP Programme». Michal Hruncak was a trainee in Athens. (Greece)