ELSA Greece

What is ELSA;

ELSA Greece (The European Law Students' Association) is the Greek branch of ELSA (European Law Students Association) .

ELSA is the world's largest, independent, non-political student organization of law students and young lawyers. ELSA Greece is a member of ELSA since 1990 and consists of 3 local branches: ELSA Athens, ELSA Thessaloniki and ELSA Komotini.

ELSA Greece operates in the form of a federation of associations since 2008 (Decision’ number 643/2008 of the First Instance Court of Athens).

ELSA offers its members the opportunity to develop their skills, acquire new skills and get in touch with the legal systems of other countries. Our members develop skills by participating in local and national activities , as well as in international activities.

These activities are;

  • Seminars/conferences of legal interest
  • Summer Law Schools
  • Moot Courts
  • Delegations
  • International Traineeship Programme / STEP (Students Trainee Exchange Programme)

Join the largest independent association of law students and young lawyers with more than 40.000 members worldwide in 300 Law Schools in 42 countries.

Our vision

A righteous world with respect to human rights and cultural diversity.

Our purpose

To contribute to the legal education and promote mutual understanding and social responsibility of Law students and young lawyers in our country.

The means

Providing opportunities for law students and young lawyers to learn about other cultures and legal systems in a spirit of critical dialogue and scientific cooperation.

Encouraging Law students and young lawyers to serve society.